Element 2: Stealth and Movement

Underground Manual of Stealth and Movement

–Stealth profile beacons

Chameleon’s Camouflage Review Guide of 54 Mainstream Camo Patterns

Chameleon’s Top 5 Camo Pattern Color Palettes

–Stealth and movement interview with Mike Jaco






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Stealth and Movement Interview with Mike Jaco

Right click on this link and click “Save Link As…” or “Save Target As…” – Stealth and Movement with Navy SEAL Mike Jaco








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  1. Bryton Larsen
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the camouflage lists. Im gonna experiment with the top 5 patterns. I tried out the scorpion crawl and it worked out just great!
    Fantastic work! Keep it up Bro!

  2. Paintball Sniper Codex
    5 years ago

    Yeah right on Bryton! I probably use the Scorpion crawl more than anything during my stealth movement. Except maybe a really low standing stalk. And I’m in love with my Mossy Oak Brush Camo.