Operation: Alpha

–The Alpha Mind Cycle – how to get in the zone

–Audio interview with Mike Jaco, Navy SEAL (ret.) and expert on intuition, instinct and the power of the mind and author of “The Intuitive Warrior”.

(Thanks Mike.  Here’s to a friendship that started in the Pines, strengthened at the camp and now continues at a distance.  Well done.)





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  1. Daniel Shea
    6 years ago

    Hey, Doug — Where’s the “Operation: Alpha Interview Transcription (PDF)”?

    • Paintball Sniper Codex
      6 years ago

      Hey Daniel,

      Give it a try again. One little piece of code that was keeping the file from dloading. Should be good now. Thanks for the heads up!


  2. Doug
    2 years ago

    Links not working, help.

    • Paintball Sniper Codex
      2 years ago

      Give that a try.