Paintball Sniper Training Codex

JUST ADDED! 30 minute interview on ghillie suit construction covering topics from camouflage choices to ghillie materials and supplies and special projects!

Tactical Paintball Sniper Field Manual

9 training elements covering the topics of psych profile of a paintball sniper, solo skills, camouflage, cover, concealment, shooting platforms and positions, physical training and fitness, X factors and the Alpha mindset, recommended marker configurations, scenarios and drills and BONUS micro-modules.


Stealth and Movement


The “Underground Manual of Stealth and Movement”, expert audio interview on stealth and camouflage , 54 pattern camouflage review guide, top 5 universal patterns, Stealth Profile Beacons and the Camouflage Compendium.



Gear and Marker Selection and Deployment


Audio interviews with three tactical gear manufacturers, ultimate marker loadouts and the “Quintessential Paintball Sniper Gear List”.




DIY Gear Projects

Videos for gear projects that you can do in your garage or even in your living room.  Including “The Booby Trap Laboratory”, “Bengal Tiger Stripe Paint Job”, two styles of paint grenade fill stations and how to make your own paint grenades.  PLUS a ghillie rifle wrap and a hard carrying case customized for your marker.


Operation Alpha

The Alpha Mind Cycle, expert interview on the Alpha brain state, Offensive Mindset and utilizing instinct and intuition on the field to not only take and make shots but increase your stealth and detect threats.



Everything else!  An entire library of de-classified military documents on recon, sniper tactics, counter sniper training and more.  The “90 Second Paintball Sniper” Q&A series, Battle Ready Fitness workout program and 8 unique HD wallpapers just for paintball snipers.